Health and Safety

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Why should I be compliant?

Health and Safety
Company Exposure

Once listed as a compliant vendor, your business will automatically reflect on several property owner and estate manager vendors lists.

Health and Safety

Time is money, and that is something that we understand. That is why we offer our clients a simple, step-by-step process to become a compliant vendor.

Health and Safety
Peace of Mind

Rest assured that your business is compliant and that all your certificates are valid and up to date. We will manage your compliance status and notify you when renewals are due.

Health and Safety
Specialised Support

We always have a specialist on call and offer instant chat & support via our web and mobile application.

Why Soteria?

Health and Safety

Health and Safety
Cost effective

We give you value for your hard earned money. For as little as R290pm you will received everything you need. We offer our clients 365 days online support, safety files, compliance certification and much more…

Health and Safety

We partnered with several major property groups in South Africa. Therefore our clients can expect an influx of new business opportunities as their businesses will reflect on all our partner vendor lists.

Health and Safety
Customer service

We guarantee our clients professionalism throughout our operations. Our motto is to rather under promise and over deliver - Clients can expect sound advice and timely support at all times.

Health and Safety

At Soteria we do not focus on once-off sales, but rather on building sustainable - Business to Client (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) relationships.

Am I Compiant?

According to OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY ACT, 1993 all vendors must have the correct certification in place before they are legally allowed to work as a contractor.

Find out if your business is complaint by completing a simple questionnaire.